The ToggleButton control is a subclass of the Button control that has a built-in checked state. This means the button can be checked or unchecked on click by a user. You may change the styling of controls based on whether ToggleButton is checked or not by using the :checked pseudoclass.

Source code



Speaker Mute Button

This button will show a muted speaker icon or an un-muted speaker icon based on whether the button is checked or unchecked, which the ToggleButton control toggles between when users click on the button.

<Style Selector="ToggleButton DrawingPresenter.tbchecked">
    <Setter Property="IsVisible" Value="False"/>
<Style Selector="ToggleButton:checked DrawingPresenter.tbchecked">
    <Setter Property="IsVisible" Value="True"/>
<Style Selector="ToggleButton DrawingPresenter.tbunchecked">
    <Setter Property="IsVisible" Value="True"/>
<Style Selector="ToggleButton:checked DrawingPresenter.tbunchecked">
    <Setter Property="IsVisible" Value="False"/>

The style code above reacts to ToggleButton's :checked pseudoclass, so that if the ToggleButton is checked, any DrawingPresenter with the class .tbchecked will be visible, and any DrawingPresenter with the class .tbunchecked will not be visible.

<ToggleButton Classes="vtrx" IsChecked="{Binding Path=vtrx.muted}" ToolTip.Tip="stop audio">
        <DrawingPresenter Drawing="{DynamicResource Icon.Speaker}" Classes="tbunchecked"/>
        <DrawingPresenter Width="14" Height="14" Margin="14,14,0,0" Drawing="{DynamicResource Icon.SpeakerMute}" Classes="tbchecked"/>